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AOE Joins with The University of Victoria and The West Coast Wave Initiative

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From left: Bryson Robertson, Jim Matei, and Helen Bailey at West Coast Wave Initiative Centre at UVic. This article originally appeared in West Shore Voice News March 18, 2016 (WSV...

AOE Highlighted in DEC Letter to Prime Minister

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Decentralised Energy Canada (DEC) is a technology accelerator dedicated to promoting the development of decentralized or distributed energy in Canada. Recently they sent newly elected Canadian Prime Minister, Justin Trudeau a...

Gulf of Mexico Dead Zone

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Why Compressed Air?


AOE’s use of compressed air as an energy medium is technologically simpler than other techniques. Generating power in the ocean and bringing it to shore using sub-sea cabling or pumping seawater presents numerous engineering and environmental challenges. AOE bypasses these by compressing air at sea and piping it to shore where the technology for storing and making power is well established.


Compressed air can be stored indefinitely in tanks to provide continuous energy when seas are calm. It is less expensive and more environmentally friendly than batteries or other storage solutions such as pumped sea water.


Compressed Air Energy is carbon neutral so it’s cleaner than fossil fuels and does not contribute to climate change. Additionally, compressed air storage technology does not rely on exotic materials or toxic chemicals like batteries.


Compressed air can be used to produce electricity using existing diesel generators with some modification as well as normal compressed air generators. But producing electric power is just one application. Compressed air can be used directly to drive a variety of industrial appliances such as reverse osmosis water desalinators, air scrubbers, and aquaculture aerators.


The simplicity of AOE’s compressed air system helps keep costs of manufacture and maintenance lower than other approaches. Power consumption for desalination, typically provided by fossil fuels, represents about 44% of the operating costs. AOE’s solution virtually eliminates this. And since compressed air can be used to power diesel generators, customers can continue to benefit from previous infrastructure investment.

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