AOE is supported by several international secured patents for the capture and compression of air in multiple stages to achieve an endless supply of compressed air to be stored and used to operate pneumatic equipment.

Ocean swell and wave energy is captured by using ocean surface buoys connected to pistons within cylinders which are secured to the ocean floor. The air is compressed within the cylinders and then recompressed in series stages of other buoys and cylinders to create a reservoir storage tank of very high pressure compressed air. The high pressure compressed air can be stored indefinitely and used to operate pneumatic motors and/or actuators to propel machinery which require large amounts of energy to operate. The use of only the Earth’s atmosphere and no other means of potential contamination or carbon output from AOE’s process provide a true meaning to pure “Green Energy” in endless quantities only governed by the amount of buoy arrays used.

The AOE Ocean Buoy Array System (OBAS) uses a unique ‎anchoring system which may be designed to enhance local environmental conditions, fisheries and economies. AOE has developed numerous additional patents pertaining to the use of compressed air such as desalination, aquaculture, ocean floor hypoxic reclamation and thermo-dynamic properties.