Matthew Campbell – CMO

Matthew draws on 20+ years of direct, senior management experience to perform difficult tasks with a positive, can-do attitude. He has helped shape companies’ marketing plans to online and e-commerce with a successful track record of growing revenue through a variety of online tools, strategies and resources. Matthew runs a successful boutique digital marketing and communications agency.

Is it more expensive?

No. The pWEC is a simple design which dramatically reduces the operating costs. Think of it as a series of bicycle pumps coupled together which increase air compression as it moves down the line. It is ideal for remote locations which currently use expensive diesel engines to generate energy.

What happens if something goes wrong?

Not much. In the event the pWEC requires maintenance, it is generally done at sea in calm conditions. The pWEC is also designed to be unhooked from the anchor system which allows it to be towed to shore. The pWEC contains no oil, does not generate electricity in the ocean and is environmental friendly. There is no danger of any …