Innovation meets Necessity to Save Marine Life

FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE Sooke, BC (November-20-13)

aeration (800x325)AOE Accumulated Ocean Energy Inc. (AOE) is proud to announce the partnering of AOE and Seeley’s Cove Research Centre Inc. to offer a truly “Green Technology” to the Aquaculture Industry.

The AquaCannon was developed by Seeley’s Cove Research Centre by inventor William Jones, President, in response to the escalating crisis of low dissolved oxygen levels in many areas of the world’s oceans, fresh water lakes and rivers. In the case of mega ton fish farms, this problem leads to poor feed conversion rates; slower growth, higher production costs and in many cases, the outright fatality of tons of fish. It should be noted the fish farms are not the cause of the low oxygen but the victims of it.

“The combination of the AquaCannon and a non-polluting, very low running cost source of power is a dream come true for the industry” happily states Jones.   The AOE system is a patented wave energy accumulator designed to compress air in stages to any desired PSI (6000 PSI+) and do it at high CFM, thousands of high pressure, usable cubic ft will be continually produced.  The Ocean Buoy Array System (OBAS), with 10 individual 32′ buoys is projected to have a power output rating in excess of 1MW.

A quarter scale system developed by AOE is sufficient to provide the energy to one AquaCannon currently operating with a diesel/hydraulic power pack. “Each system costs the same but the AOE OBAS System requires no fossil fuels to operate” says Jim Matei, CEO of AOE, “Diesel engines cost up to $50 per hour operating at maximum loading while the AOE system runs on air.”

Not only do you eliminate the diesel engine, the hydraulic system disappears as well. Matei approximates the ongoing maintenance and operating cost of the AOE OBAS at $50 per day; about $2.10 per hour.   “This is the perfect marriage of two companies deeply concerned with the environment and committed to ensuring the future of the Fishery Industry in Canada and Worldwide.” stated Jones, “I am very excited to see where this venture will lead to.”   AOE and Seeley’s Cove Research Centre see the system being used to address the hypoxia or “dead zone” areas that occur around the world due to pollution and climate change. Hypoxia  is defined as water that contains less than 1.4 ml/L dissolved oxygen and therefore cannot sustain marine life. “Dead zones” have been increasing over time and are becoming more common in open ocean areas such as the Oregon coast that have been experiencing increasing hypoxia levels over the past 10 years. To find out more about hypoxia off the Pacific Northwest Coast visit

The AquaCannon quickly and efficiently improves the oxygen situation in rivers, lakes and areas of the ocean where it is needed. The AquaCannon is a submersible, high volume, high efficiency aerator that has the ability to penetrate 60 feet – 20 meters down into the water column and inject a flow of 25,000 Gpm primary pumping capacity (36 million gallons per 24 hrs) of highly oxygenated water into the locale.

“By coupling the AOE OBAS System with the AquaCannon we will be able to combat the dead zones in the Pacific Northwest and other places in the World saving countless crabs, fish and other marine life.” claims Jim Matei, “This is just one more way AOE can fulfil its’ mandate to provide a safe, cleaner energy to all on earth.”




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AOE is a next generation technology company located in Sooke, BC Canada; engaged in the development of technology to capture the unlimited power of ocean swells and waves, and to transpose this energy into usable “Green Energy”.  AOE is passionately committed to the environment; creating a safer, cleaner energy for all on Earth.