pneumatic Wave Energy Converter (pWEC)

pWEC is the technical name for the pneumatic Wave Energy Converter. This is the heart of the AOE system. Think of it as a bicycle pump which is driven by the movement of ocean waves. It captures the energy of the wave and converts it to potential energy in the form of compressed air. A series of pWECs will enable each buoy to add more compression down the line and can be pumped to shore for storage. Compressed air poses no danger either in or out of the ocean environment, is easily transportable and can be stored indefinitely.

pneumatic Reverse Osmosis Water System (pROWS)

pOWS is the pneumatic Reverse Osmosis Water System. This device puts water under sufficient pressure to push through a standard reverse osmosis membrane using only compressed air. This results in water that can be used for human consumption, industrial and agricultural use. The use of high pressure pumps powered by electricity or diesel become obsolete. The pROWS result in a self-contained reverse osmosis system which can be utilized in remote locations which had previously been uninhabitable.